Different Types of False Ceiling Lights

Light is an important part of interior design. lights have an aesthetic function, without light, we can't imagine our home. Without light false ceiling is incomplete. Today in this article we are going to discuss the type of false ceiling lights.

False Ceiling Lights - Different Types of False ceiling Lights

LED Recessed light 

LED  recessed panel lights are one of the best lighting options for indoor settings. Recessed means attach by setting it back to the surface to which it is fixed. Led recessed lights are most common. It can light up a room without seeing the light. It can be easily installed into the false ceiling. These light are cost-effective and ideal for false ceiling. these light can provide direct and indirect lighting depends upon its installation.LED Panel Lights give high-quality illumination and are available in a variety of sizes, designed to meet your every indoor lighting needs.

False Ceiling Lights - Different Types of False ceiling Lights

Cove light

Cove lighting is indirect lighting built into the shelves, corners, or pelmet in a false ceiling or on the walls. Cove light directs light up towards the ceiling and down adjacent walls where its lighting fixtures are recessed. These lights are concealed behind the crown mouldings and they have the power to give any room a warm glow and luxurious feel and also remove down the harshness. These lights may be used as primary lighting, or for aesthetic accent, especially to highlight decorative architectural elements and dropped ceilings. 

False Ceiling Lights - Different Types of False ceiling Lights

Gimble Recessed light

The Gimble recessed lights provide controlled lighting in kitchens, galleries, living room and more. It is a recessed spotlight which can be adjusted to focus on a particular area. Gimble recessed lights are well-suited for paintings and low ceiling room with minimal spaces.

False Ceiling Lights - Different Types of False ceiling Lights

Flush light

Flush lights are most common ceiling lighting fixtures in your home. They are versatile, ranges simple to the very ornate and they can be matched to varying interior styles. They don't require much space and are available in a multiple of style and finishes. These fixtures are lightweight and suitable for false ceiling. Flush light fixtures are ceiling mounted and illuminate a large area. These lighting fixtures will enhance the style of space. They are available in two types - Flush mount and Semi-flush mount light.
False Ceiling Lights - Different Types of False ceiling Lights

Backlit Led Panel light

LED panel lights are a versatile cost-saving solution for offices, homes, classrooms, storefronts and more. These are available in the dropped ceiling and flush mount options. These LED panels fulfil a number of needs of residential and commercial. These panels are available in a wide range of colour temperature including a tunable white panel in a number of wattages producing up to 7000 moments. these please LED panel light will give your space a bright uniform modern look with step dimming capable option. Skylight LED panel, as well as custom printed panel options, are there. these LED panels will save money on energy cost and maintenance as well as.
False Ceiling Lights - Different Types of False ceiling Lights

So, friends, I hope I have covered all the information about the false ceiling lights in this article. If you learn something please be sure to share it with someone who might benefit from it. If you want to add any information which has missed in this article you can mention it in the comment section. Finally, thanks for reading this article.